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We want to show "herstory" in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for.

Timeline & Map

<Femi Square> Chosun Ilbo shutdown protest with citizen Me-too movement

"# MeToo Movement with citizens" did a performance protest by beaming “Discontinuance News Chosun,” “Apologize to Actress Jang Ja-yeon,” “Polices and prosecutors are accomplices,” and “Pressure to Investigative is the corruption and male cartels” on the facade of a News Chosun building. They urged resolving the processing and investigationg of the Jang Ja-yeon, Kim Hak-eui, and Burning Sun cases in accordance to the law.

Seoul, Korea
#Protest#Mee Too Movement