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We want to show "herstory" in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for.

Timeline & Map

Rally protests against spy-cam pornography and unfair investigation

Organized by an anonymous team named "Uncomfortable Bravity" (Bulpyunhan Yonggi), these protests occurred 6 times to criticize the unfair investigation of spy-cams. The police quickly worked on a case of a woman who allegedly filmed and distributed a photo of a male nude model, and formed a photo line for the media. However, such cases are processed very differently when the suspect is a male. This caused one of the biggest protests under a single female topic from all over the country to Seoul. The programs involved shaving their hair for the corset-free movement, sending messages to the legislative committee of the National Assembly, hitting the mascot of the Korean Police, and so on. The format of this protest continued at protests against "Drug and rape Cartel" and the "Prohibition of Sex dolls."

Seoul, Korea
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