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Acknowledgement of spausal rape

In this case, the biggest point of contention was whether a legal wife can be considered a victim of rape. One side opposed acknowledging "spousal rape" and focused on the meaning of "rape." In the Korean dictionary, rape is defined as "forceful adultery" and "adultery" means "having sexual intercourse between man and woman who are not in a marital relationship." Therefore, they claimed that a legal wife is not eligible to be a victim of rape. However, the Supreme Court interpreted "adultery" as "sexual intercourse" in a general meaning, and decided to include legal wives as "women" cited as victims of rape. The majority of judges in the Supreme Court adjudged that "women" regards females whether the person is a minor or adult, married or not. The Supreme Court said, “Considering that there’s no regulation of excluding a legal wife as a victim of a rape case, the legal wife should be included.”

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