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We want to show "herstory" in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for.

Timeline & Map


A sexual assault took place in the psychology department of Fu Jen Catholic University in 2015. The group involved in educational guidance and investigating the case was criticised for inappropriate action. Hsia Lin-ching, who was both in charge of this group and was the director of the institute of social sciences at the time, described this case as involving “the flowing of lust” and described the case in the final report as an instance of obscenity rather than assault. This was met with much public discussion and condemnation. “Fu Jen flowing of lust” not only made people more aware of the pain and stress felt by sexual assault victims when fighting for their perpetrators to be punished, but also highlighted the limits of the current “gender equality education law” and that the theory of empowerment championed by another group within the Fu Jen psychology department faced challenges in practical application.

#Sexual Violence in Fields