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We want to show "herstory" in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for.

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Nth Room Case

The issues regarding "Nth Room" concerned Telegram chatrooms containing criminals who sexually abused female teenagers and blackmailed them. Nth Room users (most of whom were men) forced victims to do particular sexual behaviors. Afterwards, they threatened to expose the personal information of the victims to the public if they did not follow their instructions. Most of the young victims usually uploaded some photos of their bodies that they shot by themselves via private SNS (called “Departure Account”), so they were scared that these images would be exposed to anyone. Nth Room chat users not only sexually assaulted victims, but also traded photos and movies that were shot in the middle of criminal acts. On 1 November 2019, the Hankyoreh newspaper revealed this issue for the first time. Regarding "Dark Web" issues (another sexual abuse against juveniles and children), many Koran feminists and people were very upset about the criminal cases from Nth Room. In the end, the “Petition for Legislation name of people” regarding Nth Room was accomplished for the first time in Korea. On 16 March 2020, the most heinous "Nth Room’ manager" Ju-bin Cho (a.k.a., Doctor) was arrested, and his personal information was exposed to the public. Other managers like “Watchman” and “Kelly” received prison sentences of 3 years and 6 month and 1 year. These punishments were considered to be too weak. The states of arrest of other criminals from Nth Room (like the founder, called “Gat Gat”) can be viewed on the “Nth Room Night Guards Citizen" page (https://nthroomcrime.com). “100 people cut” in Taiwan, “91 Web Site” in China, and “SG Nasi Lemak” in Singapore are similar to Nth Room. Feminists in each country have spoken up about these issues. In addition, there was a man in India who spread photos and movies with paedophillic content, and are voices about the AV industry in Japan that was made for snuff film.

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