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We want to show "herstory" in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for.

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The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal 2000 For the Trial of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery from South Korea/Taiwan/Indonesia/Philippines/Japan/North Korea/China/East Timor and human rights NGOs and international lawyers from Japan gathered together to organize this event. Based on the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, they dealt with the Japanese Military’s sexual crime/human trafficking/torture/sexual slavery, which remained unresolved for the last several decadesl, in a mock trial. The result of the tribunal was that Japanese King Hirohito and ten defendants were found guilty, and the Japanese government should be responsible for the crime.

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